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Getting to Know Manila

September 11, 2018 • By lstamaria

Mastering the ABCs of Manila comes eventually, just like any other new place you move into. Soon you’ll have your favorite restaurants to have dinner in, go-to grocery stores, cinemas, pubs, and your own share of recommendations for newbies. By then, it’s time to go beyond tours and sightseeing, and start wandering the inner streets and try out new activities and experiences on your days off.


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Travel Back in Time in Manila

September 11, 2018 • By lstamaria

When you find yourself in a new city, the best thing to do is make your stay worthwhile, that you’ll be packing fresh knowledge, memorable experiences, and a higher level of appreciation for the place, in your luggage by the time you head home. If you’re new in Manila, you’re in for a whole journey of exploration.

Before skyscrapers and business districts, Manila was an old city…

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Perks of Living at the Heart of the City

May 22, 2018 • By lstamaria

Living on the fast lane, you’re all for time management and efficiency. That is why having everything you need at arm’s reach goes a long way. If you’re coming to Manila for work or business, find your home at Discovery Suites Manila, right at the heart of the city where convenience becomes your best friend.

When it comes to heavy traffic, the smart choice is avoiding it…

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Welcome to Manila

May 21, 2018 • By lstamaria

It is a dynamic blend of modern evolution and cultural heritage, being home to skyscrapers, and age-old structures dating back from the 1500s all at once. It is the center of business and commerce, where diverse cultures from all over the Philippines likewise meet.

And while there is a long list of beaches, hills, lakes, and volcanoes to explore in the Philippines, Manila would be your first stop. Even…

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