Security & Safety

The Security of Discovery Primea has the equipment and skills to be at par with the standards of international hotel chains. These skills and tools are enhanced by our service culture of “Service That’s All Heart,” thus ensuring that guests’ protection and comfort are given priority at all times.

Guest Safety

  • Upon entry into the hotel property, guests will go through a security check, handled with the most care and respect.
  • In place is a full K9 protection service which can search for both incendiary and narcotic substances, and RFID or Radio Frequency Identification Scanners to ensure that only authorized vehicles can enter the premises.
  • All exterior doors and sensitive areas within the hotel such as server rooms, generator, and electrical rooms are equipped with alarms that will sound off in the instance of unauthorized entry.
  • Guest Key cards are programmed to service guests’ particular floor and the common guest areas. The cards are also equipped with proximity identifiers that can monitor unauthorized access.
  • All common areas and guest-restricted areas are fully covered with a Closed Circuit Television Camera system for the interiors and exteriors of the hotel.
  • Security systems are capable of functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are fitted in with a UPS, allowing it to operate without charging or power supply for eight (8) hours.


Emergency Situations

  • In the unlikely event of an emergency situation, an alarm sounder with an acoustic capacity between 60 to 80 decibels will sound off followed by an emergency announcement through the public announcement system.
  • A Lifeline ambulance is on site 24/7 for use during medical emergencies.
  • Our Security Department is integrated into HOTSOS (a cloud-based, service optimization enterprise solution used by most hotels) for the immediate delivery of information to responding teams during an emergency.
  • An encrypted two-way radio system is likewise in place to ensure that there is no interference from other radio frequencies and that external radio systems cannot pick up the hotel’s frequency in return.
  • Earthquake the exterior perimeter walls, physical façade of the landscape, all doors, and windows were constructed in accordance with Japanese Earthquake Engineering Standard.
  • FireHotel doors can withstand up to two (2) hours of fire, way above the Bureau of Fire Protection requirement of doors to be fire-retardant for up to 30 minutes.
  • Bullets and blasts Public areas such as the lobby area and entrances are protected with bullet and blast resistant glass which means glass will not shatter towards the direction of guests but rather fall down vertically.


Employee Training

  • Key frontline employees of the hotel undergo the following training: Basic Life Saving with CPR, general security awareness training, and Basic First Aid.
  • The Security Team undergoes advanced security courses covering personal and asset protection, martial arts and weapons familiarization, and close-quarter battle situations or CQB.

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Long Stay Perks

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